Who is in Control?

Today I was listening to the Focus on the Family program on the radio and they had a guest pastor on, Dr. Eugene Cho.  He had written a book, the name of which escapes me at the moment, and he was talking about a period in his life when he started to plant a church had quit his job to do this and had no income at that point.  Bills were piling up, the church planting was going slowly and he was at the end of his rope.  He said one day he was in prayer and told the Lord, “I feel like I have no control”, and he said the Holy Spirit spoke to him and said, “You’re right, you finally got it!”

The whole point is, we are not to be in control, God is.  Once we figure that out, things will go better.  Notice, I said better, not easier.  When we allow God to take control, then He can work His perfect plan in our lives.  Jeremiah 29:11 tell us that God knows the plans He has for us…they are good plans…plans that give us a future and a hope.

When we struggle to figure things out on our own and do our own thing, all we can do is pretty much mess things up and find ourselves in a worse predicament than we were in the beginning.  We become frustrated and dissatisfied.  Our joy is disrupted and life seems to be one long struggle after another.

Not only is God’s plan the best, it brings us peace.  When we follow His leading all the distractions of this life take a back seat.  Who knows us better than God?  No one!  Only He can provide the best pathway for us to travel, and when we walk that pathway, we are in His Will for our lives.  So….relax…take your hands off the wheel, and leave the driving to Jesus!

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