Are You Listening?

John1027John1027(2)Yesterday I was working on my Bible Journaling and decided to work on a study focused on John 10:27, My sheep hear My voice, and I know the, and they follow me. (NASB) As I was focusing on the Scripture and going through the lesson, the thought struck me, “For the sheep to hear the Voice of the Shepherd, they must be listening for His Voice.”  Then I thought, “How often have I been listening to His Voice, and have I been able to recognize it?”

We must be so connected to Jesus that we can instantly recognize when He is speaking to us.  For that to happen, we must be in constant communication with Him.  If I never spoke to my husband, I would not recognize his voice whenever he called me on the phone.  The principle is the same in our relationship with Christ.  Our relationship with Him must be so intimate, and we must instantly recognize when He is speaking to us.

Jesus says that His sheep know His voice!  That means when the enemy comes in and tries to derail us, for Scripture says he comes as an angel of light, we must be able to recognize his voice too!  Jesus said that the sheep will not follow a hireling because they don’t recognize him.  Those who claim to be Christians, but lead Believers astray are the hireling…they care nothing for the sheep, and only have an interest in their own well-being and promotion.p

The only way we can be sure we are listening to the right voice is to get into God’s Word, take time daily in quiet time with Him, and not just pray, giving a list of petitions, but we must be still and listen for His answer to us.  Now, anyone who knows me, knows that for me to be still practically takes an act of Congress!  I’m a talkative person to say the least.  Sometimes, the only way God can get through to me is when I’m asleep and He comes to me in my dreams.  That’s the only time I’m quiet enough for Him to get a word in edgewise.  I admit, that’s a sad commentary, and I am working on it, but I’m not always successful.  And I must admit, there are times I don’t always recognize when Jesus is talking to me.  So, I need to take that time to be quiet and really listen for His Voice.

If I’m not listening to Him or not recognizing His Voice, then I set myself up for failure and I end up following a voice that will lead me down a pathway of regret and possibly sin.  I must admit, I have had to stop and ask, “Is this the Voice of God, or is it my own wants and wishes coming forth?”  My Pastor has given us a litmus test for us to be able to determine whether what we hear is actually from God or whether it’s our own thoughts.  He says we must line it up with Scripture.  If it goes against what Scripture teaches, then it is not from God and most likely coming from the enemy.  If it is something that is self-promoting, that is our own wants and desires.  Sometimes though, what we hear lines up with Scripture, but this may not be the proper time, or we may not be the person God has destined to accomplish what we believe God has told us.  That’s when we need to seek God and ask Him to show us just exactly what He wants for us.

Our relationship with Christ must be strong, stable and connected intimately.  We must be sure we are aware of His Presence, knowing instantly when He is near, and then focus our attention on whatever He wants to say to us.  So, the question I leave with you today is, “Are You Listening?”

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