Sheltered in the Arms of God

Yesterday I woke up with an old Dottie Rambo song going through my head. My first husband, Allen, and I used to sing this song at church for special music, so it has a special meaning to me. The name of the song is, “Sheltered in the Arms of God”. I had intended to do a Bible Journaling page on the resurrection, but God had a different plan. The song just kept playing over and over in my mind, and so I said, “OK God, if that’s what you want me to do.” I remembered a verse in Deuteronomy that talks about being in the everlasting arms, Deuteronomy 33:27, “The eternal God is your refuge, and his everlasting arms are under you. He drives out the enemy before you; he cries, ‘Destroy them!’”

I began searching on the Internet for pictures of outstretched arms and couldn’t find anything that I really liked. But then I found a picture on Pinterest of Jesus holding a woman as she laid her head on his chest. I immediately identified with this woman, for there have been many times I’ve felt His arms around me as I poured out my heart to Him. I love the idea that Jesus is holding her tight in her hour of need. Often there are times in our lives when we feel all alone, struggling, sometimes, just to breathe! But, He is always with us, always ready to reach out and hold us, to bring us comfort and strength in the midst of trial. I love what Deuteronomy says about God being our refuge, how He holds us, and then tells the angel hosts to destroy the enemy!

Oftentimes, the trials we go through are brought on by the enemy, Satan, the liar and deceiver. For those of us who are Born Again Believers, his goal is to get our eyes off of Jesus and onto the problem. He wants us to be defeated, dejected, and in despair. He knows that if we stay close to God we will win the victory over him. He will try anything he can to keep our relationship with Jesus at a standstill, not growing, not moving forward, not learning, strained…anything that will possibly lead us to turn our back on God.

Sometimes our trials are just part of life. Death, disappointment, relationship problems…all of these can be sources that can cause us to shrink away from God. But God, is always there, and He is not about to allow those things to stand in the way of His love for us. He reaches out for us, all we need to do is run to Him and let Him wrap us up in His arms to receive the comfort and strength we need to endure.

I mentioned in a previous post about my Heavenly Father, Abba, that I picture Him, not on a sterile, cold throne, but in a plush, comfortable, overstuffed chair, and He calls me to sit on His lap while I tell Him what I need. That’s my Abba! I can put my head on His shoulder and cry until I can’t cry anymore, and He will listen, wrap His arms around me, and comfort me.

I’m hoping today this post will help someone who is going through a hard time. God is the only solution! He is the only one who will bring comfort where there is pain, strength where there is weakness, and love to those who feel unlovable. He is your REFUGE!


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