Be Intentional

Today’s Bible Journaling is from Haggai 1:9, ‘“You look for much, but behold, it comes to little: when you bring it home, I blow it away. Why?” declares the Lord of hosts, “Because of my house which lies desolate, while each of you runs to his own house.”’ God spoke to Haggai about why the temple had not been rebuilt, while the Israelites kept their own homes in spotless condition, not thinking, or caring, how much God wanted His home rebuilt and taken care of. Being content begins with being intentional about the things of God. That means taking time with God and doing His Will in our lives and making that our first priority.

I know for myself, the past few weeks have been scattered. I’m feeling disconnected to everything. I have no energy or desire to do the things I need to be doing. This is partly because I haven’t taken my time with God every day as I should. When that happens life kind of falls apart. Today, while reading and studying this devotion, the word, “Intentional” came to mind. It was like God was tapping me on the shoulder and saying, “If you want harmony and contentment in your life, you must be intentional about spending time with Me by studying My Word on a daily basis.” Yep, He’s right. I need to be intentional about my time with Him. I can’t let anything distract me. Believe me, that’s a big one. I tend to become easily distracted. I’m a little bit of a Jack Russell Terrier in that regard. Have you ever watched a Jack Russell? They are the most hyper dog I’ve ever seen. They bounce off the wall and go from one thing to another, and it doesn’t take much to divert their attention…especially if there’s a rabbit or other critter involved! LOL

I need to focus on making time with God. For me, that means Bible Journaling. It has been the best tool to help me maintain my Quiet Time every day. As I journal, I’m meditating on the passage, and allowing God to speak to me through it. Hearing God’s Voice, for me, has always been somewhat of a mystery. I’m never sure that whether I am truly hearing from Him, or whether it’s my own wishful desires or thinking. However, Bible Journaling causes me to focus on what I’m doing and reading, and that opens my mind, heart, and spirit up to hearing from God. I’ve heard it said that when you allow yourself to hear God’s Voice, it no longer is a mystery whether what you hear, or the thought that comes to you, is from God. Obviously, when you read something in God’s Word and it speaks to you, you know it is from God. But, when random thoughts pop into your head, that’s when discernment comes into play. Knowing if the thought is yours or one from God.

My Pastor has spoken about this in his sermons. He says, first see if the thought lines up with God’s Word. If it doesn’t, then it isn’t from God, and may very well be from the enemy. Does the thought echo your own fleshly desires? If so, what is the attitude behind it? If there is pride involved, whereby you find yourself wanting to look good in front of others in how holy or Godly you are, then no, it’s not from God, and is just you wanting a feeling of importance. But if the thought echoes the heart of God, His desires to reach the lost, or His plan for your life, then listen to His Voice and follow His leading.

Being intentional, as I have previously stated, brings contentment. When we find that we are intentional in following God’s leading, everything seems to fall into place. Peace comes to our heart and soul, and even when things on the outside seem to be going sideways, we still have peace inside, by being intentional with God, contentment comes. That’s where God wants us! Learning to be content in whatever circumstance we find ourselves starts with being intentional with God!

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