The Holy Spirit Guides Us in Truth

Today we learn from our Bible Journaling Scripture that the Holy Spirit is our guide.  John 16:13 says, “When the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth, for He will not speak on His own, but He will speak whatever He hears.” (CSB) As we study God’s Word, the Holy Spirit helps us in understanding what we are reading.  He also gives direction to us as to what we are to do or in making decisions.

Notice the verse says that He will speak what He hears.  So, who is speaking to the Holy Spirit?  God the Father is in constant communication with the Holy Spirit and so whatever God the Father tells Him, that is what He speaks to us.  As we study the Bible, listen to sermons, and pray for direction, the Holy Spirit is our teacher and guide.

As we read God’s Word, the Holy Spirit is there helping us to understand.  Sometimes some passages seem hard to understand.  The Holy Spirit is there to give us insight as to the meaning and application of what we have read.  Notice also that our verse says that the Holy Spirit doesn’t speak on His own, He always gets direction from the Father.

J. Vernon McGee, in his commentary on the book of John says, “The ministry of the Holy Spirit has been to complete the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ.”  We find that after the apostles went out to minister, the Holy Spirit was their guide in their writing and their preaching.  He was with them as they taught the churches about Jesus, and He gave them the message they were to share.

As the apostles wrote their letters to the churches, the letters that have become our New Testament, the Holy Spirit gave them inspiration in what to write.  He was their guide.  They wrote what He told them to write.  These books teach us about Jesus, His ministry, and how He wants us to live our lives as Believers.  The Holy Spirit also spoke to them of things to come, as in the book of Revelation.  These things are to encourage, instruct and to give glory to Jesus.

I’ve had the experience of reading a Scripture I’ve read many times before and suddenly, it seemed, I saw something else in that verse that I had never seen before.  I had a greater understanding of the meaning of that Scripture because the Holy Spirit taught me, guided me, opened my eyes to see what I needed to learn.  He will always point to Jesus.  He will always speak of Jesus, not Himself.

He also guides us in discerning truth spoken to us.  As we hear a sermon, a Christian radio or television program, we are to compare what we hear with what the Scripture says.  If what we hear does not match what the Bible says, then we need to follow the Word of God.  This is where the Holy Spirit will quicken our hearts to know the difference between truth and false teaching.

When we open our hearts, minds, and ears to listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit, then we can learn those things God has for us to know.  As we read His Word, God will impart wisdom through the urging of the Holy Spirit. He will open our understanding so that we can take what we read and apply it to our lives, and thereby be a light for others to see Jesus in us.  He will guide us into all truth!

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