Living the Abundant Life

As we look at today’s Bible Journaling verse, I can’t help but be drawn to the last part of the verse. Psalm 35:27 says, “ Let them shout for joy, and be glad, that favour my righteous cause: yea, let them say continually, ‘Let the Lord be magnified, which hath pleasure in the prosperity of his servant.’” (KJV) The Christian Standard Bible says, “Let those who want my vindication shout for joy and be glad; let them continually say, ‘The Lord be exalted. He takes pleasure in his servant’s well-being.’”

Many would say, “I see no abundance in my life.  I have bills up to the ceiling, everything that could possibly go wrong in my life has, and I’m at the bottom of the heap!”  But our verse today says God takes pleasure in our well-being.  There may be reasons why God is allowing financial hardship or troubles of all kinds to cross our pathway.  Maybe it’s to put us on a trek that leads to a closer relationship with Him.  Maybe the difficulties are leading to a greater level of living in our Christian walk.  Maybe it’s a testing time to see how faithful we are to Him and our faith. Maybe it’s a teaching time, where He has something for us to learn.

Whatever the reason we feel as if life has dealt us a hard hand, God has it all under control, and He sees what we are dealing with and cares. Rest assured, despite the hardships, He makes sure that we have what we need. Maybe we are financially destitute, but He sees to it we have food, clothes, and housing, whether it’s as a result of our work and paycheck to provide these things or if it’s through the kindness of others.  He also sees to it that we are prosperous in spirit. 

As we finish our study on Living the Abundant Life, we need to remember that abundance isn’t always financial.  Many preachers give a prosperity gospel from the pulpit, and many say the Bible says things it doesn’t say or mean.  They give a message of “God doesn’t want you to be poor.  If you are poor, you lack faith.” That is not what the Bible teaches.  Therefore, we need to be in God’s Word for ourselves.  We need to know exactly what the Bible says and what its intended meaning is regarding being prosperous. 

Being prosperous isn’t going after the latest and greatest “thing” being touted on television, as the ads scream, “You can’t live without this!”  Guess what folks, yes, you can!  Many of these things are not necessities, they are wants or ways to “keep up with the Joneses.”  Maybe prosperity doesn’t look like what the world thinks it should.  What is truly prosperous, is living a life that is tailored after the life of Christ. Our motives, actions, thoughts, intents, and speech should all model Jesus.  Romans 12:2 tells us that we are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  We are not to conform ourselves to this world, looking more like the world than Christ.  God has provided His Word for us to study so that we can follow its precepts and be more like Jesus.

That is how we live an abundant life, and when we prosper in all areas of our lives, God is pleased.  I like the way the CSB version puts it, “He takes pleasure in His servant’s well-being.”  Have you ever thought about God taking pleasure when we are prosperous in every area of our lives? It’s like a Dad being proud of his son or daughter when they have excelled in something!  He brags on his kids!  Can you imagine God saying to the Heavenly Hosts, “See that child of mine?  Look how they have excelled in…”  When we decide to live abundantly, no matter what things look like on the outside, we bring glory and honor to God.  We can praise Him for His provision, His love, His protection, His grace, and most of all for the salvation He provides for each one of us.  We can say, “Lord be magnified!”

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