Give Praise to the Lord

Occasionally, we all need to step back and take account of all God has done for us. We need to praise Him for the good that has come into our lives as well as those things we may not see as good but may have been something we needed. Our Bible Journaling verse for today says, “I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart; I will tell of all Your wonders.” (Psalm 9:1 NASB 1995)  This Psalm is written by David, and when we consider the issues David dealt with, he was still able to lift his voice in praise to God despite being chased by Saul who threatened to kill him, having to repent to God for his sin with Bathsheba and deal with a rebellious son, Absalom, who tried to overthrow his father’s throne.

The Bible says that David was a man after God’s own heart.  (1 Samuel 13:14, Acts 13:22)  He is known to sing praises to the Lord even while he was a young boy tending his father’s sheep.  King Saul would ask for David to play and sing to calm his troubled soul, and David would most likely sing one of the Psalms he had written. (1 Samuel 16:14-23) Giving praise to God is something that helps us, not just when things are going well, but even in times when we feel lost and hopeless. I have experienced joy and a closeness to God in both circumstances.

My life right now is one of calm and peace. To say the past year and a half has been hectic is an understatement, and there were times my husband and I weren’t sure just what it was that God was doing in our lives. However, after selling our home in another state, moving to Arizona, and then having to move back to the Midwest, we are now settled in our new home, are close to the kids, have found a home church we really enjoy, are making new friends, and life has settled down and we are happy here. I give God praise for keeping us close to Him, holding on to us when we felt like we were in a whirlwind, and helping us to keep our focus on Him.

A few years ago, however; I felt like I was in a deep dark pit with no way out. I was in the deepest hole of depression. My first husband was in the ICU after having brain surgery, and nothing looked good.  I couldn’t feel God close to me at that point, and I know it wasn’t Him who had moved, but it was me who had gotten lost in my despair.  One Wednesday night at church I completely lost it. My crying jag interrupted the whole service, and my wonderful church family gathered around me and prayed for me, held me, and someone said that despite the pain I was feeling, I needed to praise God. The pastor began to lead us in some praise songs.  It took a while, but I slowly began to feel God wrap His arms around me and hold me.  By the time service was over, I was completely drained, but I came away with the knowledge that God had my husband, and I just needed to trust Him.

David says that we need to praise God with all our hearts and tell others of all the wonderful things He has done for us.  I can tell you; God has been in my corner in the good times and the bad.  I cannot begin to explain how He has taken care of me, and what He means to me.  I love Him with all my heart.  I know I can depend on Him no matter what is going on.

Today, take a moment and praise the Lord for all that He has done in your life. Then share those experiences with someone.  Our witness of how God has worked in our lives helps those who may be going through the same things we have experienced.  When we share what God has done, it gives them hope in hopeless situations and strengthens what little faith they may feel they have.  Give God praise!

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