Gaining the Victory over Anger

Today I did my Bible Journaling out of I Corinthians 1:6, which says, “But if we are afflicted, it is for your comfort and salvation; or if we are comforted, it is for your comfort, which is effective in the patient enduring of the same sufferings which we also suffer.” (NASB)

 I realize this Scripture is talking about suffering; however, anyone who has done battle with a part of themselves that they would like to win the victory over, knows the amount of suffering we do as we work out our faith to conquer that thing that “so easily beset us.” (Hebrews 12:1 KJV) The writer of Hebrews tells us we need to “lay aside” those weights. Anger is definitely a weight in my life. As I was doing my Bible Journaling I began to focus on the result of what victory over my anger would be.  What I believe the Holy Spirit reminded me of is the fact that conquering this anger not only is for God’s purpose, but also for His glory!

As I’ve said before, this is a one step at a time kind of thing.  My husband says he sees little victories. That is how we win…each little victory brings God glory, and He uses those battles won for His purpose in our lives. I think the key is to not become discouraged. This is a war, one the enemy would like us to lose, and it can be a long, drawn out affair.  Wars aren’t necessarily won in one battle.  But, I’m learning that each little victory brings me closer to where I want to be, and one way to gain that victory is by getting as close to the Lord as I can possibly get, and my Bible Journaling is very instrumental in doing that for me.  It draws me into a closer relationship with Christ, and as long as I focus on that relationship, I become stronger in my determination to be who He wants me to be, to be more like Him.

I have had so many encouraging comments from those who have seen my previous post on Facebook dealing with this issue. Thank you for encouraging me and praying for me.  I truly believe that when we are lifted up by our brothers and sisters in the Lord, it makes the battle less daunting. Maybe not easier, but knowing someone has my back, helps me to continue to fight until I work this through and gain the victory.

The focus Scripture says that suffering is for our comfort and salvation. Now I don’t know about you, for me, somehow the idea of suffering doesn’t bring a whole lot of comfort. Comfort when it’s all over maybe, but I began to settle in on the fact that suffering is also for our salvation. Gaining the victory over my anger is also for my salvation. When I don’t let it rule over my life, I am “working out my salvation” (Philippians 2:12 KJV), and in the process I am gaining strength for when I have to face that battle again until I can finally declare victory over the war!

I hope that as I share my struggle with you, that it will encourage you as well. The purpose for my blog page is to bring encouragement to those who read it, and if someone happens upon it who doesn’t know Jesus, I pray that my entries will spark a desire in them to seek to know Him and want a relationship with Him.ICor16

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