The Holy Spirit Distributes the Gifts of the Spirit

We are looking into the Gifts of the Spirit as listed in 1 Corinthians 12. You can find the list at the beginning of the chapter from verses 8 through 10, however, the whole conversation about the Gifts of the Spirit begins at the beginning of the chapter.  One thing that the Apostle Paul wanted the Corinthian Christians to know is found in our verse for today, “A manifestation of the Spirit is given to each person for the common good:” (1 Corinthians 12:7 CSB). 

The Corinthian church had numerous problems which all were issues of carnality in the church and Paul addressed those issues at the beginning of the book.  The church was divided in so many ways; one division was they were arguing about who they followed, Paul, Apollos, or Peter, not realizing that all of them were teaching and preaching the same message about the same God. Beginning in chapter 12, he launches into a discussion on spirituality, telling them that each gift was given by the same God through the work of the Holy Spirit. 

Paul tells them that there are many gifts, but each gift is given by the same Holy Spirit.  He says that these gifts are given to us for our profit.  They are to be utilized in our lives as a means to help us grow and also to be a blessing to others as we build each other up in our walk with Him.

I’ve heard many Christians say that they just don’t know what their Spiritual Gifts are, and I felt that way for a while in my Christian walk.  But it took a lot of prayer, asking God to reveal to me what Gifts He had given me to utilize as a means of blessing others, proclaiming His Gospel, and growth in my own life.  Some gifts are the kind of what I call “up front” gifts, things like teaching, leading in worship, speaking and interpreting tongues, and healing.  These gifts put the person out where the whole church can see their gifting and are blessed by them.  Then there are other gifts I call the “behind the scenes” gifts.  These are things like intercessory prayer, faith, knowledge, discerning of spirits, and wisdom.  All these gifts are given to each person by the Holy Spirit.  Each is given according to how God wants to use that person to bless others and promote the Gospel.

Some giftings come by way of natural talent given by God.  At first, I thought my only gifting came by way of my natural talent for music.  I sing and play flute and have been on several worship teams over the years.  I am at peace as I play or sing of the God who loves me.  However, a few years ago, a guest pastor to my church spoke a Word of Knowledge over me, telling me that God was to use me in journaling and that people all over the world would read what I journaled.  God then introduced me to Bible Journaling, using artwork to help me solidify what I had read, and then write my thoughts down, and He led me to start a blog.  That Word of Knowledge has come to fruition, and this blog is the result.  I’ve had people from all over the world tell me that my Bible Journaling is a blessing to them, and for that I praise God!

I encourage you to seek the Lord for your gifting, ask others what they think your gifting may be and look at that for which you have a natural talent.  If you’re good at being a greeter at the door of the church, then that is your gifting.  If you find fulfillment in being in the background as a janitor for the church, making sure everything is cleaned and ready for service, then that is your gifting.  Just remember that the Holy Spirit gave these giftings to you because He knows where you fit the best.  Thank Him and utilize them to the best of your ability in praise, worship, and honor to Him.

What I want you to know is, God may give one person the gifting of teaching and someone else the gifting of administration, doing behind-the-scenes things that keep the church running. They are different gifts, but the same God, the same Holy Spirit, gave each gift to each person, knowing what He had created each to be the best at in promoting His Kingdom. 

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