Our Giftings are Irrevocable

As we continue our look into the Spiritual Gifts God gives us, our Bible Journaling verse today is Romans 11:29, “since God’s gracious gifts and calling are irrevocable.” (CSB)  The Living Bible (TLB) says, “For God’s gifts and his call can never be withdrawn; he will never go back on his promises.”  The King James Version says that the gifts and calling are, “without repentance.” The word irrevocable means without change of mind or purpose.  Once God gives us a gifting or calling, He won’t take it back.

As I looked at a couple of commentaries, I became a little unsure of how I interpreted this Scripture compared to what the commentaries said. One commentary came from the standpoint of the gift being the gift of salvation and the calling being the call to repentance.  Another came from the position of giftings and callings into ministry.  In his commentary on Romans, David J. Riggs says that “the gifts and calling of God are not reversible.”  However, he went on to say that God had not “changed His mind regarding the calling of the fathers, or of His blessings toward them.  God’s gifts and calling were conditioned upon obedience to His will…When the Jews rejected Christ, they rejected God’s Will (which included the gifts and calling).  Thus, by their rejection they removed themselves from the blessings.”

I went to my husband and asked him to help me understand just exactly what the Apostle Paul was saying.  He gave me an example that helped me understand. He said that he gave me my wedding ring as a gift, and as a symbol of his commitment and love for me.  He said if he took it back and said he didn’t love me, he would have to repent.  It’s the same way with God.  God gives us the Gifts (healing, teaching, discernment of spirits, faith, etc.) to use in building up the church.  Because God loves us, and He wants us to use those Gifts, He is not going to take them back or He would have to repent. 

Although He will not take the giftings away, He may add to your giftings, and the new area of calling or gifts may come to the forefront more than the others for a time.  However, just because those first giftings are not as prominent, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t utilize them.  If we don’t use the Gifts God has given us, then they become useless.  Much like a tree that doesn’t bear fruit.  If it doesn’t produce, it is of no benefit. Jesus spoke about this in Luke 13:6-9 by telling The Parable of the Barren Fig Tree. We are to use the Gifts God gives us to help the church grow and it also helps us to grow in our walk with Him.

What giftings has God given to you?  Are you using them to build up the church and bring glory to God? Do you sense God calling you into a new area of ministry or service?  Step out in faith (utilize that Spiritual Gift) and accept His call upon your life.  Do not abandon those Gifts He has already given you.  Continue using them as He directs you, but also use the new Gifts as an area of growth in your Spiritual walk with God.  It may be that He wants you to incorporate the new giftings with the old ones to spread the Gospel even further. 

As you step out to use those Gifts, use them with love and as a commitment between you and God.  Remember that God will never take them back because He wants to use you to bless others, and in turn, He receives glory and honor for your faithfulness to His calling.

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