Created For God’s Glory

As we close out our study on God’s plans for us, we end by reflecting on today’s Bible Journaling verse, “everyone who bears my name and is created for my glory.   I have formed them; indeed, I have made them.” (Isaiah 43:7 CSB)  When He created man, the earth, and all that He placed in it, the Bible says that God looked at it all and declared it good, and He blessed it.  He placed man on the earth to bring Him honor and glory.

Our Scripture today says that all those who are Born-Again Believers, bear God’s name and He considers us His children.  In His commentary on Isaiah, Albert Barnes says, “To be called by the name of anyone, is synonymous with being regarded as his son, since a son bears the name of his father. The expression, therefore, means here, all who were regarded as the children of God; and the promise is, that all such should be re-gathered to their own land. In order to show forth, and illustrate my glory. They shall be, therefore, defended and protected; and my glory shall be shown in their recovery and salvation.”  Everything we do and say should be done to bring Him glory and honor and He shows His love for us in everything He does.  I must admit, there are days I don’t always reach that goal of doing things that bring Him honor. However, I have the assurance of knowing that He loves me, and when I do or say things that are contrary to His will, He will forgive me when I repent. I then must endeavor to do better in my actions and speech. 

How can we bring God glory in our daily lives?  We can pray and ask for His guidance.  Seeking His will for our lives, asking Him to show us the next step, and then being obedient and following His leading brings honor and glory to our Lord.  When we know that He has given us a gifting, we must use that gifting to bring honor to Him.  Our attitudes also play a part in bringing glory to God.  When we allow ourselves to be prideful because of a gifting God has given us, the focus is on us, not on God.  We must remember that we can not do anything He has given us to do without His help. 

Each day we should endeavor to show His glory through what we do, how we interact with others, and in our daily worship of our Father in Heaven.  Bible study, spending time in prayer, helping those who are in need, and showing love to those who are daily struggling in their lives, brings Him glory and honor.  It shows God’s love to them, and they will see Jesus through how we treat them.  God calls us to reach those who are lost and to bring them to a place where they can accept Jesus as Savior, and that also gives Him glory.

As we look for ways to give God glory throughout our day, we need to pray and ask God to show us what we can do that will give Him honor.  When we step out in faith in answer to God’s leading, not only will God receive the glory, but we will find peace in our hearts as we walk in obedience to Him.  We are created for His glory.  I encourage you to live a life that glorifies God.

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